REVEALED: How Desperate Nairobi Women Become Husband snatchers

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We have a crisis.

So dire is the scarcity of single men that an incredulous 40 per cent of the women in Nairobi have no boyfriends, 48 per cent of them are ‘husband snatchers,’ while only 12 per cent date bachelors.

According to an Ipsos survey, 97 per cent of the 257 women sampled admitted to having had sex with a married man at one point in their lives, while 77 per cent of them prefer dating married men.

In what would pass as an insult against solid, mature wives, married men mostly date young ‘girls’ aged between 21 and 29, seventy-six per cent of whom claim married men are way ‘sweeter’ than ‘hustlers.’

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Financial benefits aside, they consider married men more responsible, less nagging and more focused than single men. That only 1 per cent of the women steal other people’s husbands for sexual satisfaction is an indication that squirting is overrated. The reality is that women want focused and responsible men who take care of their needs.

No wonder, men who cheat the most are those who live in their own homes (59 per cent). They probably have a self-assurance that women find irresistible and the disposable income to dole around. But on the converse, men who pay rents of less than Sh26,000 cheat more than those who spend Sh50,000 or more on monthly rents. Seems like the low rent payers would rather stuff their kids in hovels and spend the extra income ‘munching’  forbidden fruits.

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