Exclusive: Dybala opens up about Messi and CR7

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Paulo Dybala has praised the Juventus coach, amid disputes, and expressed admiration to the qualities of iconic international and club teammates.

The Juventus forward praised the coach for teaching him a lot and denied claims that there is a dispute with him and Massimiliano Allegri. The forward also made claims that Messi and CR7 are much more alike.

With the match between Juventus and Atletico Madrid approaching, Paulo Dybala spoke to UEFA’s official website about the upcoming Champions League match-up and much more.

“I learned a lot from Allegri, especially with regards to the way of working and being a true professional. We must always be focused during training, so as not to be surprised by what happens in the game,” he said.

“The coach has always given me the freedom to move and play where I wanted. This trust is very important because it makes you feel part of the big goals the clubs wants to achieve.

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“Ronaldo? I’m lucky because I had the chance to play with Messi in the national team and now with Cristiano. Many did not have this opportunity, it is certainly a positive thing because you can always learn from the best. He is a calm lad, like the rest of us, he makes you feel calm, like Messi. I compare them because everyone does it. They are two exceptional players.

Strong Defensively

“Atletico? We know about their style of play, how Simeone closes the lines and how hard it will be but to win this competition you have to beat anyone in front of you, there are no easy games. They are very strong defensively and have quality in the attack. If we are not careful in the defence, they can punish us.

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“From when I’m at Juve, the team has shown its full potential. The year before my arrival it reached the Champions League final and once again in 2017, while last year we lost in the quarter-finals against Real Madrid.

“Given what has happened in the last few years, we still have a goal to reach. When you lose a final, you always want another chance to fix things – football always gives you a chance to get revenge and I think we have this chance.

“It is not easy to get to the end. The team is focusing on it a lot and this can also be an obstacle. But at the moment we are very relaxed and we want to return to the final. We have to do things calmly, step by step. We know it will not be easy but we can do it as a united team,” Dybala concluded.

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