Meet the Kenyan Spider-Man. He Breaks Into Apartments in Kileleshwa for a Living!

On Thursday evening while Kenyans were out and about enjoying Valentine’s Day, Spiderman was also on the prowl.

Only this time, he was scaling the walls of high-end mansions and apartments in the posh suburbs of Kileleshwa with the agenda of robbing unsuspecting tenants clean!

Last night, he managed to part with a tenant’s gun, as well as a safe stashed with cash from one of the houses he broke into.

A Kilimani resident, who has claimed to be one of the victims of Spiderman, says that he comes quietly in the night when all are asleep and makes way with people’s belongings.

Capital FM even has CCTV Footage of Spiderman tiptoeing from one residence to another, clad in a grey shirt, blue trousers, and white sports shoes.

Indeed, dozens of Kilimani residents have reported to the Kilimani Police Division to report on the dangerous shenanigans of the burglar.

Foreigners especially are seen as the main targets for Spiderman.

Nevertheless, police officers declined to comment on the situation.

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