LSK wrangles push for president replacement

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LSK Allen Gichuhi

Units in Kenya pblic domain are mostly indisunity due to a disease of selfishness and over ambitions that drivetop executives to placesof redicule and great losses not embarrassment to the country.

In a growing war,members of the Law society of Kenya Nairobi region have moved to have LSK President Allen Gichuhi removed from office.

The members through their representative Akusala A. Borniface , accuse Gichuhi of mismanagement of council, abuse of office and non-compliance with the council charter.

allen gichuhi

Gichuhi is also accused of permitting personal prejudices to interfere with the proper running of council, advancing interests of external forces as opposed to those of Members of LSK and single-handedly overruling the decision of Council and imposing his own.

In a memo directed to the Society’s Chief Executive Officer, the members asked a motion be passed to remove Gichuhi as LSK President during the council’s next meeting scheduled for February 18.

Consequently, the members moved that the Vice President to resume office as the acting President.

Gichuhi was elected as LSK President on February 22, 2018, taking over from Isaac Okero who was at the helm for four years.

He beat his main competitor James Mwamu after garnering 2,675 votes against 2,145.

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