VIDEO: Hilarious video of a Kenyan who took up the Fadhili Challenge



Kenyans on twitter are mostly excited about taking up hilarious challenges even if a situation looks ugly.

Yesterday, after Fadhili Wilkins was exposed to be a scam, a Kenyan decided to get creative and make fun of his situation.

Other people who have faced such treatment include the popular public figure Kobi KIhara who was misunderstood for a post she put up on social media.

Kenyans called her out saying that she was faking her lifestyle and this led on to sending an apology.

Tweeps are a merciless group of peeps and at that point meme creators are at work.

Despite the fact that one who is not with thick skin might be affected, it is also true that some of these challenges are what keeps twitter alive.

Have a look at the video and the reactions

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