“Hawa might not be signed under WCB” Diamond’s manager explains



Diamond’s Manager Babu Tale has given reasons as to why Hawa of Nitarejea might not be signed  under Wasafi record label.

Babu Tale says that  Hawa is still ailing and therefore needs time to rest.

The manager was speaking from a point of understanding since he saw Hawa through her treatment in India.

He says Hawa seemed hopeless about surviving while she was receiving treatment in India.

Diamond had earlier promised to hold Hawa’s hand and help her establish a business of her choice after her treatment in India.

Babu Tale, Diamond’s manager says that Hawa might be signed under WCB or she might as remain where she is and receive the support she needs in her music.

Some have guessed Nandy will be the new catch under the WCB label but these remain to be speculations since the announcement is yet to be made.

I am also betting it will be Nandy or Hawa. Both of them are talented and their music game is of standards.

Hawa particularly for having an inspirational story of her journey in her music and the challenges that she has gone through before she could find herself.

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