HAKI director detained in Tanzania

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The Executive Director Hussein Khalid of HAKI Africa has been detained by Tanzanian authorities at the Horohoro border post.
Mr Khalid was detained after demanding the release of Hamisi Madilo, who had been held for nine days by immigration officials.
The trouble all started when the authorities brought Madilo to the Horohoro border post after being released by the authorities.
However, he was immediately re-arrested after meeting his family, including wife Zetuni Chimako, and father Mohamed Mbetsa, and Haki Africa officials.
It was all tension after Mr. Khalid demanded to know why Madilo was re-arrested even after intervention from the Foreign affair Cabinet Secretary CS Monica Juma.
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According to Haki Africa, Madilo was secretly moved from the Horohoro border post after re-arrest and taken to Tanga.
According to  representative Mathias Shipeta. “HAKI Africa demands the immediate release of Hamisi and Hussein Khalid.”
It however not been established whether Mr. Khalid has been released or not.

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