Vigilant Kenyans expose PSV defying Michuki Laws


Kenyans are keen to notice the road users that are seemingly  defying the Michuki laws and have pledged to ensure that all road safety rules are observed.

Just incase you did not see traffic police officers along the road does not mean that eyes are not on you.Kenyans are watching and they have promised to expose rogue drivers.

Earlier this evening, a Kenyan on the road spotted a public service vehicle overloaded yet they claim that it still managed to go past a road block.

Kenyans on twitter weighed in and said that they should work in unison to ensure that the vehicle is nabbed.

Ever since Matiangi gave the directive that Kenyans should  stop complaining and put into action  by exposing the rogue road users Kenyans have taken up the task and are expectant that they will trigger change.

Fred Matiangi had early in a public event warned Kenyans not to allow themselves to give bribe to the police but instead report  through the recent system that was launched where Kenyans can file their complaints.

Matiangi also added that they want to clean up the police force and indeed he means business. The tough CS has been known for cracking down the whip and giving directives to tackle the offences as it should be.

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