MP Sabina Chege told to keep of men cut by MPs

Image result for sabina chegeThe National Assembly on Thursday experienced an unusual exchange after Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege proposed a change in male circumcision.

Chege proposed new guiding structures on the amounts that should be charged on male circumcision conducted in hospitals.

“Madam Speaker, I want to go again on Christmas and around this time is the time for circumcision. the guidelines are clear that for adult male circumcision, the minimum is Sh20,000 while the maximum is Sh40,000,” said the Murang’a Women Representative.

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However, National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale objected saying that it was not in order for the female MP to give the price of circumcision.“Madam Speaker, you have heard the honorable member giving the price of circumcision in Kenya. That is a very private matter and it’s only some people like me who can give the price. Is Honorable Sabina in order to mislead this house that she is an expert on male circumcision,” Duale responded.

The exchange didn’t go any further after Sabina explained that she was only referring to the professional guidelines for medical and dental practitioners in Kenya.

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“Madam Speaker, I know the matter is private especially for communities that go to the river but I am referring to those who go to hospitals and are guided by these guidelines,” Chege said.

The Murang’a Women Representative was concerned about this because she is the Chair of the House committee on health.

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