Exposed…! Police Looking For Quack Dr. Mugo wa Wairimu After New ALLEGATIONS

The hospital that controversial medic Mugo wa Wairimu is alleged to have been running bailed him out after he failed to show up for a court hearing in 2016. Millan Health International, which is now at the centre of claims concerning Mugo’s illicit activities, saved him from spending time in remand.

On August 24, 2016, the prosecution, through Chief Investigator Andolo Munga, asked the court to lift a Sh5 million bond Mugo had paid to secure temporary freedom when he failed to show up for the hearing of a case in which he was accused of rape.

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He was also accused of operating a hospital without a license and illegally administering a substance in a bid to overpower a patient, among other charges. “There are compelling reasons to warrant cancellation of the respondent’s bond terms pending the conclusion of the trial,” argued Mr Munga. But armed with a letter from Millan, Mugo told the court he had failed to show up because he was unwell.

The letter, which was admitted into court records, stated that Mugo had been admitted at the health facility on August 9, 2016, suffering from a condition that was detected in 2000 at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). The said he had been given five days off-duty and was due for an appointment to have thyroid surgery at Milan on October 25, 2016.

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The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck just below the Adam’s apple. It produces hormones, which regulate the body’s metabolism. Millan’s letter, however, did not have a signature or the name of the author. Mugo, who is facing 15 criminal counts in connection with operating Prestige Healthcare Clinic in Githurai 44, remained free on bail.

He is expected back in court before Milimani Court Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi on December 19 for a further hearing. Three witnesses have testified in the case that gripped the nation’s attention. The first prosecution witness, identified as ABC, told the court that she knew about Prestige from a flier she collected in September 2014.

The court heard that ABC had been experiencing painful monthly periods and wanted to have a pelvic scan. She called the numbers on the flier and allegedly talked to Mugo, who booked her to attend the clinic on a weekend. ABC testified that she had a ghastly experience when she swallowed strange pills and ended up without her undergarments. “…he told me to open my mouth and I was hesitant but he assured me it was just an examination.

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I was given around three to four tablets and the next thing I remember I woke up in a strange room. I was by in a bed sheet. “I uncovered myself and found out I did not have my underpants, pad and tampon,” she testified. According to court records, police threw her out when she went to report the incident, claiming she had weak evidence. But after Mugo was exposed, the court heard, the officers called and directed that she record a fresh statement.

ABC was taken to task by Mugo to say whether he had raped her as was alleged by the State. The witness told the court that she had not told the police about that allegation. The second witness, a musician identified as CWW, told the court she was taken to the clinic after getting burnt in a house fire. She was slapped with a Sh515,323 bill and had to secure her discharge with her mother’s title deed. CWW told the court she ended up seeking treatment at KNH when she did not heal.

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She also felt duped because the hospital failed to return the title deed. The third witness, the artiste’s mother, told the court she had been demanding her land ownership document but her efforts had hit a dead end. “The complaint is about my title deed, which I keep asking him,” she testified.

The State had indicated that four witnesses were to testify against Mugo, including others who were not produced in court. Detectives who are currently pursuing Mugo after the latest controversy involving him said he was using at least 15 SIM cards to communicate with different people. They said he had been in touch with a criminal lawyer.

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When The Standard contacted the lawyer, he said Mugo had called seeking his services. “He asked me to represent him but I declined the request,” said the lawyer, who asked not to be named. Police said they had asked the lawyer to help facilitate Mugo’s safe surrender but he had turned them down.

An officer said Mugo was in Makuyu on Tuesday evening. He then went to Thika town, where he tried to contact the lawyer. “He should surrender to the authorities for processing,” said another officer. Last Saturday, two of Mugo’s employees were arrested at Millan clinic for operating without the required documents. The operation was conducted by Flying Squad officers after complaints by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.

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