“South Sudan is Bleeding.” Riek Machar ready to bury the hatchet.

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What comes to your mind when you hear South Sudan?

Rape, murder , fraud and refugees. That is the exact state of South Sudan in reality. Whatever you see in action movies that has been the state of South Sudan since they gained independence.

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South Sudan’s opposition leader Riek Machar has arrived in the capital, Juba, for the first time since he fled into exile in 2016.

Mr Machar who has been leading a rebellion against President Salva Kiir signed a peace deal in August.

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Under the agreement he will be one of five vice-presidents.

Mr Machar will be attending the country’s Peace Day celebrations.

Last week, Mr Machar declined President Kiir’s invitation to return but his spokesman said that both sides needed to trust each other if there was to be peace.

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South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011 but plunged into conflict in December 2013 following a power struggle between Mr Kiir and Mr Machar.

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Previous attempts to find a solution to the conflict have failed.

Mr Machar returned to Juba once before, in 2016, but was forced out of the country after fighting broke out.

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Hundreds of thousands have been killed in the civil war which has also displaced millions.

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