VIDEO: Kenya, South Sudan citizens protest in the streets of Nairobi



“Following Africa Uncencored ‘s  investigative documentary #TheProfiteers, Kenyans and South Sudanese citizens living in the country took to streets of Nairobi led by #TeamCourage activists to demand justice for the people of South Sudan from Kenyan authorities by taking action on the people and intitutions including banks adversely mentioned in the documentary and The Sentry Report.” as captured on the video cation of African Uncesored

Kenyans on twitter had earlier demanded that the Director of Criminal Investigation and Director of Public prosecution take action over the recent revelations of South Sudan Elites who are living within the country after claims of looting money from their country.

This came  days after investigative documentaries by John Allan Namu  were shared across social media platforms. The documentaries exposes the deep underlying state of corruption by the Sudanese Elite who are looting money and  siphoning it in some of the East African countries.

This documentary has fueled debate and complaints from Kenyans on the harsh reality of the happenings within and beyond the nation.

Apart from Kenya, Uganda is also listed as the country in which the illegal activities are covered up by only one call away. More details are captured in the various episodes of the documentary.

“We cannot have a government that actually allows illegal finances and funding into the country and goes ahead to protect the same people” one of the activists is captured on record during the protest

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