Parents to Joseph Irungu alias Jowie who is currently in police custody in connection with the gruesome murder of business woman Monica Kimani have finally spoken.

Irungu’s Parents spoke to NTV’s Dennis Okari but their identity remained concealed given the sensitive nature of the case at hand. Jowie’s father believes that his son is innocent of all the allegations being labelled against him. He goes on to say that his son is a staunch Christian having raised him in church and that there is no way he could have been involved in the murder of Monica Kimani.

“I have asked him severally and he has told me he never did it. He was not involved in the murder. According to the way we brought him up because we are Christians, I feel terrible and sympathize with the family of Monica,” says the father.

Jowie’s father went ahead and said that his son was actually shot by armed robbers and was rushed to Kijabe Mission hospital by a Friend. He say’s that Jowie called home to inform them that he had been admitted after the unfortunate shooting incident.

“He was admitted. I was the one carrying the discharge sheet going to the pharmacy and paying the bills…if anyone disputes that, everything is computerized nowadays you can’t hide this information,” says the dad.

He has also denied claims that his son wanted to commit suicide, saying that any security personnel will not shoot himself on the arm, since there are other lethal places.

There have been reports doing rounds that Jowie worked in Afghanistan. This too his father was quick to refute.

“I know that he was working in Dubai. I don’t know anything about Afghanistan and everything else being said about him. I only see it on TV. He told me he was doing security work in Dubai,” says the dad.

Jowie’s father also admitted that Irungu and Monicah kimani had known each other before and they actually used to communicate even on Instagram. He goes ahead to say that the two actually schooled together. Jowie is said to have later pursued a course in hotel management at the Kenya Polytechnic but left for Dubai when his search for a job in Kenya never bore any fruits.

Irungu’s mother who also spoke to Nation Tv, says that he called them saying that he had been shot and rushed to Kijabe Hospital.

The parents also claim that Jowie was raised in Christian standards, and grew up in the church choir.

The parents also say that Jowie had told them that he was engaged to Jackie Maribe, but up to the time of his arrest they had not met Jackie in person.

The mother also says that Jowie did not enter Monicah’s compound, neither did he meet her in the airport as alleged in media sections.

The mother says that they have been stigmatized by friends following the case, to an extend of being branded as a family of killers.

The Family also says that their son has been denied the medical attention he requires on his shot arm and claim that the wound looks bad. They hope justice will prevail as they want to get all these unfortunate happenings behind them.

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