Is 8% VAT Raila’s Salary? Kenyans kick off stormy debate

Kenyans on Twitter have risen a debate following the highly rising wage bill in Kenya.

They argue that the wage bill rose abruptly after the the amendment of the 2010 constitution that saw the introduction of a devolved system of government.

According to them, devolution brought more posts in the systems of government that saw remuneration of high salaries to key leaders holding different positions.

They also claim that the 47 governors budget more for salaries to their employees in county governments leaving out development which is a key agenda.

However, the implementation of the 2018 Finance Act that was signed by president Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday last week has seen the cost of living go high.

The Act had a proposed 8% VAT on petroleum products which saw the prices of diesel and petrol going down with a rise in the prices of Kerosine.

New taxes also came along with the Finance Act, among them the taxation of telecommunication services, mobile money and bank transactions and betting services.

Kenyans now claim that the 8% VAT was introduced to fetch salary for Raila Odinga who merged with the government on March 9th 2018 through a handshake witnessed at Harambe House.

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