Did kenya pipeline deliver water to unsuspecting clients.

Kenya Pipeline Company’s plant in Kisumu County has recalled trucks that were loaded with water instead of petrol, allegedly by mistake.

Some of the people affected were said to have travelled as far as 60 km before noticing or being alerted to verify the contents of their tankers.

Mr Abiud Jafar, one of the drivers, says he realised the mistake after noticing a leakage from one of the compartments of his tanker.

“I suspected that the water was as a result of the heavy rain which pounded the region yesterday night but realised that something was amiss,” he said.

Mr Jafar reported the matter immediately to the depot, which forced the management to call back the trucks which had been loaded earlier.

While he did not confirm or deny the mistake, Kisumu Depot manager Herman Munga said they are investigating the matter which could have affected a number of truck drivers.

“We have received the complaints and have called back all the people affected to be able to establish what could have gone wrong,” said Mr Munga.

“As an institution, we take seriously any issue raised and don’t want members of the public to be adversely affected,” he said, adding that other brands were not affected.


“I just realized that I carried pure water when I stopped to offload my product in Bondo town,” said a loader who sought anonymity.

He warned that a number of unsuspecting people could have been affected by the error.

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