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Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) singer Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper is now a born again Christian.

According Jacqueline Wolper who happens to be a bongo Movie actress and fashion stylist, her decision to get saved was attributed by the fact that she realised  she had another life to live in heaven and it was in order for her to prepare for that life too.

She went ahead and said that by doing so, her plans will all fall into place and her life will be fine.

In a statement she said, “Kiukweli kwa sasa nimeamua kuokoka na kumrudia Mungu, nina uhakika kwa kufanya kwangu hivi niko kwenye mikono salama na mambo yangu yataninyookea zaidi kuhusu uvaaji wangu siyo tatizo kwa sababu siku hizi tunaokoka kisasa.”

She went ahead and explained that the reason she has stayed in Kenya this long is because she has been attending beauty school.

This comes a few days after she came clean on allegations that she was dating a Kenyan man.

She went ahead and stated that the only man that can be fit for her is one that resides and works in her home country.

She further continued saying, “Sifikirii kabisa kutoa penzi langu kwa mwanaume ambaye siyo raia wan chi yangu kwa sasa kwa sababu huko nyuma nilipitia huko lakini sasa sihitaji tena kama nimeamua kupendana na mwanaume basi atakuwa ni wa nchi yangu tu.”

Jackline Wolper and Harmonize were dating but they later split up with Jackline citing that he dumped him because he Wronged and demeaned her.

‘I wronged him; he wronged me, and he wronged me again. I won’t speak out on the particular wrongs we committed. But we are no longer together. You know in matters relationship, partners often fall out. We differed severally, but eventually agreed to go our separate ways. When we were dating, none of us cheated on the other. Though, it could be possible either of us cheated, but we choose to forgive and move on. For me, it is easy to forgive an unfaithful man but not one who hardly respects what i stand for, regardless how petty it could be. When I feel you are demeaning me, I opt out. I always underscore the things- or habits- that I detest to the man I am entering into a relationship with. When I notice you don’t take seriously what I’m saying, then my mind will tell me that that is your habit- and so, that is you. I do not remember the last time I spoke with harmonize, but what I remember is he texted
me:’I am sorry’. I haven’t forgiven him, and I am not going to reply to his text”. Wolper said.

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