Lusaka Assures Chiefs of Support, Donates Ksh 1 M to Welfare Kitty

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has today assured Chiefs drawn across the County of his unwavering support in their line of duty.

Addressing Bungoma County chiefs during the Annual General Meeting held at Mabanga FTC, Lusaka commended the chiefs for their gallant contribution to the National government grassroots coordination.

“I have a lot of respect for Chiefs and assistant chiefs because they’re an integral part of the National government coordination, and a solid foundation of community development,”He Said.

He added, Chiefs are the custodians of law and order in their respective jurisdiction, committing to create a synergy between them and the County government.

“Law and order, community development and mobilisation has been properly underscored by the chiefs. We shall work closely with them to enhance service delivery to the people,” he affirmed.

He asked the Chiefs to turn around the wheel on teenage pregnancy menace in the County, by creating awareness through the Chiefs barazas.

“I ask that you keep vigilance on the surging numbers of teenage pregnancies among school going girls, and other vices.Be our village crusaders”, He implored.

The governor further rallied calls of unity among the chiefs, urging them to embrace empowerment groups and other revenue generating avenues, to build their personal financial capacity.

He gave a personal donation of KSh 1 Million towards the County chiefs welfare kity.

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