Azimio’s Action Forces PSC to Declare Vacant 2 Names of IEBC Recruitment Panel: Mt Kenya MP in Trouble for Allegedly Supporting Illicit Brew Sale & Ex-Governor Cries Foul, Explains Why They Deserve CAS Jobs

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It is the beginning of a new week and political temperatures in the country continue to soar.

While Raila and his Azimio team has maintained that Ruto’s government is illegitimate and should fold up and go, Ruto and Kenya Kwanza team has dared Raila to make true its threats to eject them out of office.

On Sunday, it was reported that Ruto now wants the West ie the United States, the United Kingdom, and western countries to impose sanctions against Raila, including a travel ban, over his calls for mass action and rejection of his election win.

However, Raila has dismissed Ruto’s sanction calls. He said this will not stop Azimio from demonstrations and that he is not in a hurry to tour those Western countries.

He warned the West to keep of Kenyan affairs, saying Kenyan is a democratic country and will do its own things without interference.

Here is the news making headlines on Opera News today;

Azimio’s Action Forces PSC to Declare Vacant 2 Names of IEBC Recruitment Panel

It has been established that the Azimio la Umoja coalition refused to submit a name to the Public Service Commission despite having received a letter asking them to do so.

The coalition was supposed to nominate one name to sit on the panel that will recruit the IEBC commissioners. They however lived up to their threat as they refused to send a name.

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Mt Kenya MP in Trouble as Residents Gang Up Against Him for Allegedly Supporting Illicit Brew Sale

A renowned member of parliament from the Mount Kenya region is a marked man. This is in regard to his alleged involvement in the illicit brew business.

Sources aware of this development have submitted that the second-term lawmaker has been conspiring with brewers in his village to continue with their businesses even after the government launched a crackdown on the same.

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Ex-Governor Says Many of Them Are Suffering, And Jobless, Deserve CAS Jobs At The Expense of Doctors

A former governor who spoke to the People Daily on the basis of anonymity has lamented that a number of them are currently suffering and deserve the CAS jobs.

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