Shop for Covid-19 Vaccine in China, Uhuru Tells CS Kagwe; What DP & Uhuru Could Be Planning For BBI Behind Raila’s Back & How Karua, Kibwana Intend to Stop BBI Push

Good morning, and happy final month of 2020! Haven’t we all had enough of this year?

If you are reading this though, that means you are alive and kicking, so that’s one thing to be grateful for, as we look forward to a more sensible 2021.

Do you know who is currently making little sense? Our Deputy President William Ruto.

After over two years of leading the Hustler Nation against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), he all of a sudden seems to be singing to the tune of his arch-rival Raila Odinga.

The move has left his followers in utter confusion, with the only explanation from the DP, for his shift in opinion, being heavily cryptic tweets about the BBI being suddenly favorable to the ordinary mwananchi.

This is a perfect learning moment for Kenyans who are quick to fight one another on behalf of politicians.

The DP has demonstrated to us that in politics, there are no enemies, just people working towards achieving a state of affairs that favors them.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Shop for Covid-19 vaccine in China, Uhuru tells Health ministry

Medics in protective gear

President Uhuru has asked the Ministry of Health to shop for Covid-19 vaccines in China.

Until now, Kenya was waiting for a vaccine to be delivered through the Covax facility, a WHO-led project working largely with western manufacturers.

However, there is growing frustration because most western manufacturers have already sold billions of doses to rich countries in advance.

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How Karua, Ndii, Kibwana intend to stop BBI push

The BBI ”No” Activists

A well-coordinated plan is afoot to throw into disarray President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s push to amend the Constitution, the Star has established.

A section of the political elite and influential civil society players has teamed up and launched a multi-pronged strategy to stop the BBI process. If they succeed, scuttling BBI could deal a staggering blow to Uhuru and Raila.

The plan involves mounting legal battles in court, calling for street protests and if that doesn’t work, leading a robust ‘NO’ campaign.

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So This is What Ruto Meant By Win-Win? Details Emerge on What DP & Uhuru Could Be Planning For BBI

DP Ruto at Bomas

As the BBI signature collection process gathers pace, new details have emerged on what the Deputy President and his boss could have been working on ahead of a potential referendum. Dp Ruto has been very critical of the report Since it was launched.

He has however remained open for further talks to avoid a divisive referendum. Many people have criticized Ruto for taking a softer stance in recent days with many indicating he could be about to join president Kenyatta and Raila Odinga in the YES corner.

However, according to a new report by the Daily Nation newspaper, The DP’s camp is fully behind the idea of having a multiple-choice kind of Referendum with voters given different options.

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With the BBI referendum already having garnered the requisite 1 million signatures, do you think the initiative will sail through the next step, debate by the legislature?

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