Tunatafuta Dawa Ya Corona Wewe Unatafuta Followers-Kenyans to Bahati as He Hits 2million Instagram Followers


End of an Era for Bahati's EMB records as he terminates all Contracts

Gospel musician Kevin Kioko famously known as Bahati has been having a hard time since netizens tend to troll every part of his life.

After hitting 2 million followers on Instagram, he took to all his social media platforms to share his joy but the celebration turned sour.

The same followers he was celebrating blasted him for getting excited over unnecessary issues as others claimed to be following him to get more information on how one survives while living with an older woman as a wife.

To add salt to the injury, he misspelled the name Jesus and wrote as Jeaus. This caused more chaos as he was questioned why he refers to himself as a Gospel musician while he cannot write such a name correctly.

Njihia Wa Muiruri Mr. Kioko,the spelling is JESUS. I have no idea who JEAUS is. Please edit.

Nikky Annabel 🖐️
I pray you develop a thick skin that these trolls won’t get to you or your family.
You have achieved so much….keep grinding! Godspeed

Peter Morgan Be a follower of Jesus, not people on social media, keeping your life private won’t cost you a penny bro, humble yourself like you had nothing before God blessed you! Kumbuka pesa huisha! That’s the bitter truth!!!

Japheth Nyakundi A major problem with our so called gospel artists in kenya getting more fascinated by followers in social media than inspiring hope and winning more people to be followers of Christ

Barnabas Burna Mwana habari mwingne tz anakupita followers wewe huko busy kufunga emb the haters may be true ”failing” tanzania wanasign wasanii

Felix Mukundi Who is this “jeaus” you are glorifying, you can’t write the word Jesus that wrong?

bahati hashtag on Twitter

Odhiambo Isabella Ati “Glory to Jeaus” what’s that??? No wonder some of our prayers are never answered, coz we end up not calling the correct name while praying

Rushville Rshville Tunatafuta dawa ya corona wewe unatafuta followers🙄

Eimee Emmaqulate You mean even autocorrect didn’t correct you when you typed that Jeaus of yours .. or that’s the one you really praise and not the one all of us knows?

Brian Ojwang I followed you jus to learn how people who live in grannys house behaves…Diana is really teaching us some manners

Spínøh Ké Jua mtoto waa dj Khaled (ashald Khaled)ako na 2.5 million followers….pale IG na ako na few months toka azaliwe..😂😂😂

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