Nyota Ndogo and Elder Brother Finally Squash Long-standing Beef

Nyota Ndogo and Elder Brother Finally Squash Long-standing Beef (Photos: Courtesy)

Nyota Ndogo’s family woes have played out publicly for the nation to see. The singer has accused her family of mistreating her and her brother Juma Tutu even bashed her for marrying what he called a ‘sponsor’.

Well, it seems that Juma is keen on ending his beef with the sister.

Taking to social media, Juma wrote, “My friends, it is common to hear, “No family is perfect”. During my quiet moments of introspection, I chose to make amends with my sister, after a long-standing family feud. Sometimes, relationships need a hero — someone who makes the first move, chooses to be the bigger person, step up and start the healing. Forgiveness is a choice. I have found peace not holding onto grudges that have only eaten me up and caused more family rifts. The past is over.”

The past is over – Juma (Instagram)

He then went on to reveal that the reason his apology was public was because their fights were also public.

“I choose to share with you this story because it was in the public domain, to begin with. I am being candid about it since I am the firstborn in our family and I want to lead by example, as a family man, bandleader and a big brother. It is okay at times, to make mistakes and choose lasting bonds than burning bridges. I am happy to say, we spoke with my younger sister, Nyota Ndogo, and put the past is behind us. We are starting a new safari of reconciliation and rebuilding our family relationship. Blood is thicker than water,” he added.

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