“The Reason My Cousin Put My Teenage Niece on Birth Control Pills Shocked Me!” Frustrated Kenyan Woman Confesses

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A Kenyan woman has come out to express her concerns after she found out her teenage niece was taking birth control pills.

Birth control pills are usually used by sexually active people to avoid pregnancy or in some cases, for health reasons to reduce menstrual crumps.

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In this case, however, finding out why the teenager’s mother got her using birth control pills shocked her.

Read her full confession below:

My cousin’s daughter came over last week to stay with me for a while. She is a teenager na ako form 2.

Since she came I noticed she was taking some meds every evening. Out of curiosity, I went through her bag to find out what meds are those shock on me I found out she was taking birth control pills.

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In the evening I asked her about them and she told me her mother put her on them. I asked her why, kwani she is sexually active. She just giggled and said ni mamake kutomwamini.

I got furious and called my cousin kumuuliza why she put her daughter through that. She simply told me she will never let her daughter bring shame to her and its a current trend.

I’m still shocked, is this happening out here??

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