Linus Kaikai’s ‘Ushago’ Home is Total Goals (Photos)

The Kaikais (Instagram)

Linus Kaikai the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Citizen TV recently wowed netizens with his city home. As it turns out, their home in ‘ushago’ is equally as stunning.

His wife Jace Mueni recently shared some photos taken from their ‘ushago’ home and the greenery and house were breathtaking.

Linus Kaikai’s ushago home (Facebook)
Linus Kaikai’s ushago home (Facebook)

“The current house is a renovation of the simple house my husband built 10 years or so after his first house. One thing I must say is one needs to start where they are, with what they have. In most villages, everyone owns at least one simple house but it serves the purpose. Even those who have no stable income. From there one can improve with time and as resources come in,” she advised members in the ‘Home Beautiful’ Group.

Jace also revealed that before Kiakai could own his sweet digs in the countryside he had to make do with a mud house.

Linus’ first house (Facebook)

“You need to have tons of patience and sacrifice in the journey of owning a home. Being in a hurry will not work unless you have some liquid cash somewhere which most of us do not have. And then you need to be a realist and work with your own personal circumstances and finances no matter what everyone else is doing. Between building this mud hut and the other house there is a 20 year period. So plan but also give it time,” she added

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