CS Macharia Castigates Suspended KQ Staffer (VIDEO)

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has reprimanded Kenya Airways staffer Gire Ali for what he terms as having engaged in an illegality at the Airport.

Ali was fired after allegedly filming a Southern China Airline plane that landed in the country with some 239 passengers.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia. PHOTO: Courtesy

Ali would be fired after the footage went viral following widespread speculation that the passengers could have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

CS Macharia has come out, however, to state that Ali was not a whistleblower in the incident but had committed a crime.

“Ali was not a whistleblower, you don’t whistleblow on a Boeing 787 arriving at 7 am, that flight was not arriving at night in secret, so what was he whistleblowing?” quippedCS Macharia.

“He committed an illegality, you do not as a security officer, secretly film a security installation…and the legal system will see what to do with him,” he added.

Two medical practitioners and a lawyer successfully petitioned the courts to bar all flights from China into the country.





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