Liverpool Fans Confident Team ‘Can Beat Coronavirus’ as Spread Takes Toll

Liverpool are sailing to their first league title since 1990. It is just a matter of days as only 12 points are needed to officially declare them as champions again.

The Reds’ fans are filled with great excitement to an extent they cannot withstand any hindrance. This was evident when they were taunted by threats of Coronavirus, which has derailed many sports including Formula One (Chinese Grand Prix), the Six Nations rugby clash between Ireland and Italy and the World Indoor Athletics Championships.

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With Coronavirus fast spreading, some fans have suggested the Premier League needs to be put on hold to avoid the spread of this menace.

But Liverpool fans are not ready to hear such news as their excitement is on top gear, just waiting to erupt with celebration upon coronation as winners.

Even Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan got in on the action, writing on Twitter: “Jeez.. imagine if Premier League fixtures get wiped out by coronavirus before Liverpool’s won it.”

Unmoved fans took it make jokes about the disease, claiming their all-conquering side can even beat the threatening flu, which has put to standstill activities in some parts of the world.

Check out how Liverpool fans reacted to the tweet;




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