City Lawyer Reveals how Uhuru Chased Away Somali Leaders at State House

Flamboyant city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has revealed details on how President Uhuru Kenyatta chased away Somali leaders at State House Nairobi.

According to the flamboyant lawyer, the North Eastern leaders went to the State House on Monday, February 24, but were shown the door after President Uhuru declined to meet them.

Ahmednasir said that the leaders, who are purporting to represent the region, have been making trips to the State House to seek for help.

He added that the leaders have been making demands to the President in the name of their tribesmen.

“I like the approach H.E UHURU takes whenever TRIBAL chieftains rush & make silly demands in the name if their TRIBESMEN. Jana Somali politicians rushed to STATEHOUSE with a laundry list. I hear H.E UHURU didn’t disappoint…gave them a dress down & literally showed them Gate D.” Ahmednasir tweeted.

According to the city lawyer, the problems facing the region cannot be resolved by the President and the solutions rely solely on the elected leaders from the region.

“Somali leaders from North Eastern should know that the many problems facing their people WILL NOT be solved by H.E UHURU, DP Ruto or baba Raila/bbi (some may have created the problems) as they falsely believe. The solution to their myriad problems lies in Garissa, Wajir & Mandera.”

He argued that the North Eastern counties are receiving enough funds from the Central government to steer the development projects in the region.

“With an annual budget of about 30 BILLION SHILLINGS (thanks to DEVOLUTION) Garissa, Wajir & Mandera should be welfare states, with literary rate at 90%, life expectancy at 85 years for men, 90 for women, almost zero infant mortality rate, water and electricity reach of 90%…etc.”

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