Tanga Tanga Senator in Trouble After Pouring Cold Water on Otiende Amollo’s Re-election

A Tanga Tanga lawmaker has found himself in trouble after spelling doom on Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo’s re-election come 2022.

The Kericho County senator Aaron Cheruiyot made a controversial tweet on Tuesday evening hinting that the MP might not be re-elected.

The lawmaker was responding to ODM insider Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba’s post about the achievements of the MP within his first term.

Jakakimba had said that Otiende is doing a marvelous job for Rarieda residents. He went ahead to list some of the projects done by Otiende.

“Hon. PAUL OTIENDE AMOLLO  @OAmollo is doing a marvelous job for Rarieda residents. In less than 2yrs: a TTI, a TTC, a KMTC, a Science Diploma College, University Campus /JOOUST etc. I’ve elected not to mention the #OndoaNyasiInitiative, or did I? ” he posted.

But Cheruiyot in response of the tweet noted that the projects mean nothing on the MP’s re-election.

The Tanga Tanaga member went ahead to mention Otiende’s predecessors whom he says did the same but were never re-elected.

“Hujamaliza story….Sad bit is that, for his reelection…all that means Zilch. Neto, Osele..and most of the promising young leaders from the region did that as well last term..But..Tell him the truth, what he needs to do,” he posted.

However, Cheruiyot’s response seem to have gotten a section of Kenyans on the wrong side.

The seemingly angry netizens started trolling the senator, with some daring him to mention some of the projects he has done for his people since getting elected.

Here are some of the reactions.

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