New Betting Trick to Build Odds While Reducing Risk

Seasoned punters know that there are two kinds of matches when it comes to deciding when to place your bet: those whose outcomes are more certain and are safe to predict before kick off and those that are a bit more uncertain, which means that you may need to watch the game for a few minutes before making the decision on where to put your money.

Knowing that, the question is how do you take advantage of both types of games to maximise your winnings?

The good news is that there is now a betting platform that allows you to combine both pre-match bets (before kick off) and live bets (live during the game) on the same bet-slip!

With Betika, you can now for example place a combination and select outcomes for ongoing matches and also include games that have not started.

This combination is suited to increase the winning chances of the bettor. It has several advantages over traditional sports betting, and when maximum attention is paid to it, it can prove to be a great value for your money.

One of the biggest advantages of combi-betting is the additional types of bets.

They not only provide more opportunities to consider but also enhance the betting experience.

Betika has continually innovated features to give their customers variety and this for sure is a welcome feature for a lot of bettors that need as many options as possible to increase their winnings and reduce the effects of the new taxes.


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