Kabogo Declares his Stand on Supporting Ruto in 2022

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William Kabogo with DP Ruto during a past event

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has declared his stand on supporting Deputy President William Ruto for the presidential seat in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

While speaking to TV host Anne Kiguta during the K24 Punchline Show on Sunday, Kabogo revealed that he does not support the DP while declaring that he (Kabogo) would also consider running for the top seat.

“He (Ruto) is my friend because I have no reason to be enemies with him,” Kabogo said, but when asked if he would support his candidature for 2022, he answered, “Not at the moment.”

“It is too early to discuss elections.”

The vocal politician also said that the political temperatures in the country would only be cooled if Ruto and his nemesis ODM leader Raila Odinga would have a “Handshake” of their own.

He also went on to reveal that he hoped that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his BBI protagonist Raila would consider becoming statesmen in 2022 by them not being candidates.

“The story is that they (Uhuru and Raila) are preparing the ground to get seats (in 2022),” he stated.

“Why don’t we allow him (Uhuru) to go home, allow Raila as an old man to go home as an African statesman.”

Kabogo also said that Ruto should also go home if it means that Kenya would be safer if the three were not in politics.

Kiambu’s former boss also rubbished suggestions from some quarters that Uhuru was too young to retire, claiming that a younger Barrack Obama retired at a much younger age than Uhuru’s.

“I would hate to imagine that President Kenyatta is thinking about what he will do in government after 2022. We need to send a message to the Atwoli’s of this world to stop telling Kenyans that Uhuru is young. He is my age and it is time for him to retire,” Kabogo declared.

“What he cannot do in 10 years, he can’t do in 20 years. Why would he want an extra term?”

The President, has on more than one occasion, clarified that he will not be running for a third term come 2022, affirming that he respects the constitution and has no intention of clinging to power at the end of his second term.


Watch the full Kabogo’s interview below.

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