5 Fruits that will Help you Lose Weight this 2020

Anytime we are in a new year everyone wants to work out and lose the calories they gained during the festive season.

Exercising starts with a positive mindset, patience, consistency, your determination and eating right. There are different diets that have been created for weight loss but did you know fruits are in that bracket?

Fruits are essential in our diet because of how they contain lots of nutrients and minerals, repair boy tissues, reduce blood cholesterol levels, may lower risk of heart diseases, help to maintain healthy blood pressure, may protect against certain types of cancers and help in fetal development.

Besides that, fruits have a weight loss benefit and here some fruits that will help you shed some kgs;

1. Bananas. They may have high sugar and calorie but they are among the best fruits to eat to lose weight. They make one full and boost one’s energy especially if eaten after working out.

They can be eaten in different ways like making a sand witch, fruit salad or waffles.

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This fruit is known how it contains water. It has fewer calories (30 calories) which makes it more effective for your weight loss plan. It always keeps you hydrated which means you will not be feeling hungry and thirsty throughout.

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They are also very low on calories, for instance, a medium-size has 95 calories. They don’t contain any fat which is perfect for weight loss.

Apples are high on fibre which results in making one full and avoid snacking on high-calorie foods. Research shows that apples should eaten whole rather than juiced. This is because it reduces hunger and controls one’s appetite.

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4. Passion. 

This fruit contains 17 calories only and it is enriched with fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and potassium.

The fibre makes one’s digestion slow which result in making you full and helps control what you eat.

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5. Berries. 

They include; strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, raspberries, bilberries and goji berries. A certain study discovered that people who eat any berry snack ate less food.

This is because of how they make your tummy full, especially when put in yoghurt, cereals, salad or smoothies.

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Include these fruits in your weight loss plan and see how it goes. Before starting a weight loss program, consult your doctor first especially if you are ailing from chronic diseases (diabetes, ulcers, heart diseases, blood pressure etc.)

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