Mwangi Kiunjuri Abandons Official Car on the Street After Sacking (Video)

Former Agriculture and Livestock Cabinet Secretary, Mwangi Kiunjuri, on Tuesday, January 14, abandoned his official government car on the streets of Nairobi moments after being fired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Immediately after learning of his sacking, Kiunjuri who was in his ministerial vehicle, Toyota Land-Cruiser V8, in a juvenile act abandoned it on the road.

Kiunjuri, who is believed was having his breakfast at a Nairobi Hotel, resorted to use his personal car, Mercedes Benz instead.

Kiunjuri was left out of government on Tuesday as the President reshuffled his Cabinet.

While addressing a press conference at Serena Hotel shortly after he was axed, Kiunjuri, who seemed undeterred, fired back stating that the decision to fire him was something he had foreseen and that it didn’t shock him.

He also promised to remain around politically, promising to react should he be provoked, saying “for every action, there will be a reaction”.

“With my experience spanning over 25 years I have a lot to offer, I’ll continue to serve faithfully in other capacities. Make no mistake, I’m not going anywhere,” he asserted.

MPs allied to Tanga Tanga faction in the Jubilee party claimed that Kiunjuri was fired because he refused to dance to the BBI tune.

He is very close to Deputy President William Ruto and there have been calls for the two to run on a joint ticket in 2022.

Here is a video of Kiunjuri abandoning ministerial car, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, in the streets of Nairobi minutes after being sacked.

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