Abduba Dida Appeals to Uhuru to Stop Mistreating Ruto

Alliance for Real Change Party leader, Mwalimu Dida has made an appeal to President Uhuru after reports emerged that the Deputy President had been kicked out of his official residence.

The former Presidential candidate implied that the latest predicament facing William Ruto is well known to the president.

Picture of Mwalimu Abduba Dida

As a sign of empathy, Dida said that if the president does not want the DP he should ask him to resign.

“It is not fair to mistreat him to the extent of locking him out f his official residence,” Said Dida.

On Sunday morning, an article on the Daily Nation newspaper spilt the beans on a plot that led to Ruto being kicked out of his official home at the coast.

According to the Nation, the DP was not welcomed in the former Coast Provincial Commissioner’s residence which was allocated to him.

A cover page of the Sunday Nation

He retreated to the home at around 4 PM on Wednesday after running his errands at the coast only to find his aides packing up his belongings.

The directive to remove his personal belongings from the house is said to come from Karanja Kibicho’s, Principal secretary for Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

After seeking a response from the DP’s office, his deputy spokesman Emanuel Talaam said that someone may be unhappy that he will have a place to organize his missions at the coast if he moves into the official residence.

Kibicho has been accused of being president Uhuru’s point man in causing trouble for the DP and his allies.

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