Has Ruto Been Lying That Uhuru Sent Him to Some Functions?

Having been legally sworn in as the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, inarguably, William Ruto is the President’s principal assistant.

In the absence of President Uhuru, the DP takes over the mantle of leadership whether of the country or functions.

However, the recent happenings at some functions have painted a different picture from a conventional one.

FILE: Deputy President William Ruto.

In December 2019, President Uhuru sent Murang’a Woman Representative  Sabina Chege with a cash donation at an event that was attended by Deputy William Ruto.

Besides, on Tuesday Kieni MP Kanini Kega presented the President’s donation and message at a burial ceremony of the mother to Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua despite the DP being present.

Despite the two leaders claiming that the president had sent them, the DP has on both instances delivered the president message and sometimes even donations.

The developments attracted the attention of the Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who claimed that the President was in all appearances not sending the DP to represent him at some functions.

The MP took to social media to question the possibility of the DP using the president’s absence at some functions to paint him negative

“Could the DP – maybe – be giving part of his own money and saying it is from the President – and then making sure the portion he says is from the President is less – so as to try and show Mt Kenya people that he cares for them more than the President does?” posed Wambugu.

DP William Ruto at the burial ceremony of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua’s mother on Tuesday.

According to Wambugu, the two instances were a clear indicator that the DP could be running a different agenda.

However, according to MPs allied to DP Ruto, the move by the two MPs to claim that they represent the President at functions where the DP is present is a clear show of disrespect.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome on Tuesday slammed Kega for claiming to represent the President yet the DP was present and his principal assistant.

According to Wahome, the presence of the DP was a clear message that he was the one tp deliver anything on behalf of the head of state.

When the DP addressed mourners at Gachagua’s mother funeral, he tactically responded to Kega’s message by urging everyone to stick to his role perhaps insinuating that it was his role to deliver the President condolences if any.

But why is Uhuru giving cash donations to MPs when his deputy and his principal assistant will be present at the same event?

Is there a rift between the two? And if any, has Ruto been lying that the President sent him at some functions?

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