Major Political Battle Looms in Jubilee as Nyeri MP Predicts Major Changes in 2020

The splits between Kieleweke and Tanga-tanga factions of Jubilee party is expected to widen even farther in 2020 after Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu hinted at major changes within the party in the year 2020.

In a statement on Tuesday through his Facebook page, Mr Wambugu, who has been so vocal against William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid, predicted of a major political re-organizations in 2020 saying that the same will be based on the ideologies of the BBI.

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Nominated MP Maina Kamanda having a word with Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu at a past function. Photo/File

He added that those who have been busy opposing the unity among Kenyans through the handshake and BBI will be pushed back probably into political dustbins.

“I expect a re-organization of political formations at national level, based on ideology and on the BBI. Those of us who want to unite Kenyans across the political divide will be more active, determined and aggressive in pushing our message of unity, while those dividing Kenyans for individual 2022 political advantage will get pushed back at, so much harder than in 2019,” posted Wambugu.

And in what was seen as one way of locking out all Tanga-tang members from Jubilee’s top leadership positions, Wambugu insisted that the party, in its oncoming March 2020 elections, is expected to only elect leaders who will offer unwavering support for President Kenyatta’s economic policies, unity and the fight against corruption.

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Even as Wambugu hints at a major reshuffle in the party, Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have remained adamant, insisting they are still in Jubilee and that they were not going to dump the party anytime soon.

Wambugu’s statement comes just days after a section of Rift Valley MPs condemned Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju and former vice-chairman David Murathe over their controversial positions on party issues.

Here is Wambugu’s statement on Facebook;


On Jubilee Party elections I expect that the people who will get into office as Party officials will be 100% aligned to HE Uhuru Kenyatta’s policies on fighting corruption, uniting the country and economically empowering Kenyans. Period. Anyone who is not aligned to this – whoever they are – will have a bad year in 2020 as far as the Jubilee Party is concerned. And this is something we can take to the bank.

I also expect Jubilee Party will get more disciplined; mainly because I expect the President will be more forceful and involved in getting its leadership and membership engaged, as he has promised to do. Some people will shape up, or ship out.

Finally, I expect that Jubilee Members will understand that Kenya belongs to all of us; and that our party – as important as it is to us – is not more important than our country, to us all.


On BBI, the BBI report will certainly be more available in all platforms including hardcopy, so that Kenyans can read for themselves. I also expect the proposals will not only get discussed extensively, they will also get implemented fully, and mainstreamed. To their logical conclusion. By end of next year.

God Continuing To Be With Us. Ahmen.

God Bless You. God Bless Kenya.


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