Kenya Would be a Better Place if Uhuru Ruto & Raila Were Dead- Boniface Mwangi

A fearless human rights activist on Saturday evening launched scathing attacks against three political Kingpins in the country.

In a series of tweets, Boniface Mwangi was on fire over the BBI report and the state of leadership in the country.

Raila, Uhuru and Ruto, he said, have destroyed the country and been the source of post-election violence.

Bravely, he stated that the country will be better if the three dynasties are dead.

Boniface Mwangi being arrested in previous activism missions

This was in response to former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga’s predictions on what could be the aftermath of the 2022 general elections.

Mutunga said that the state of intra-conflict surrounding the 2022 elections could lead to violence, political assassinations, destruction of property and other human injustices.

Mwangi went on to say that the three leaders are tribal leaders who command blind and foolish followers.

He categorically pointed out Deputy President William Ruto whom he called a thief and cold blood murderer.

Adding to his insults on the three leaders, the activist also rubbished the BBI report saying that it is meant to enrich political dynasties.

The masterminds of the BBI report who are Uhuru and Raila, he says, have selfish ambitions and are in an attempt to brush off the constitution in order to create positions for themselves.

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