How Memories of Msando Haunt Raila

Two years have passed since the death of the former Independence Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) official Chris Msando.

On a Saturday morning, his former colleague Roselyn Akombe refreshed the healing wounds of Kenyans on a day that was purported to be his 47th birthday.

Akombe implied that Msando sought to protect the integrity of our elections; and for that, he was silenced.

However, the chilling memories of Msando brought the Raila factor in the picture.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga: PHOTO COURTESY

Activist Boniface Mwangi insinuated that Msando died while defending Raila Odinga who later on joined his critics through shaking hands with President Uhuru.

The agitated activist added that Raila is no longer Kenya’s liberator but instead a traitor.

Apart from Mwangi, self-declared general Miguna Miguna also threw his weight on Raila Odinga’s betrayal.

Akombe herself was not left out of the blame games, as some citizens criticised her for working for the IEBC even after the merciless killing of Msando.

The critics thought that she betrayed Msando by pertaining in the general elections even after foreseeing an electoral injustice.

Akombe left the commission later in October 2017, months after the death of her colleague.

When she left, the commission was in preparations for a repeat presidential election that was only eight days away.

The repeat presidential elections were scheduled after the nullification of the results of the general elections by the supreme court on September 1.

Akombe cited a lack of credibility from the IEBC in the anticipated elections as the reason for her Exodus.

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