Did Kenya Pay Ksh 7 Million for Flag to be Displayed on Burj Khalifa?

Kenyans were left elated when the flag was displayed on the Burj Khalifa during Jamhuri Day.

Netizens were left impressed and at the same time shocked after a first-time display of the flag on Dubai’s skyscraper.

The gesture, however, drew questions on how much the advert cost after details emerged that the price was approximately Ksh 7 million.

The Kenyan Flag displayed on the Burj Khalifa

A spot check revealed that it normally costs AED 250,000 (Ksh 6.9 million) for a three-minute display.

It is insinuated the price range fluctuates between 8 and 10 pm on weekdays.

Further details revealed that for AED 1 million (Ksh 27.6 billion) is the price for five three-minute impressions of the magnificent structure between 7 pm and midnight.

Rumours doing rounds on social media claimed that the government had paid the amount to have the flag showcased during the day of the national celebrations.

Speaking to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the person in charge of communications noted that the institution was not aware of the gesture.

According to the government official who sorted anonymity, such a commercial deal is handled by the country’s representatives in the Arab country.

In addition, he commented that the ministry learnt of the animation from social media.

Brand Kenya, which is a government agency, when questioned by a netizen, cheekily responded to the matter leaving the Twitter user in a limbo.

The netizen identified as Antony Alexandria Irungu questioned, “Was it free or who paid for the cost because research is showing that it costs Ksh.6.8 million (Dhs 250,000) for a single three-minute display? Thank you.”

The government agency replied, “Well that’s the power of a good brand and Kenya is indeed a good brand. Chema chajiuza… Thank you.”

Upon insisting that the question was not answered, Standard Group journalist Ciku Muiruri stepped in and saved the day.

A further analysis online indicated that such adverts for countries are free.

It was articulated that the gesture is done for countries that have good relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Aside from Kenya, other countries that have had their flags on the building include Canada, Philippines and Pakistan.

Here are some of the reactions following the moment termed special by Kenyans:

The presentation of the adverts is highlighted to go through a process before being made public.

The content has to be submitted four weeks prior to the live showcasing in order to be given the go-ahead by the Burj Khalifa’s owner, Emaar Properties.

Details pointed out that the displays are handled by a Dubai-based firm known as Mullen Lowe Mena.

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