6 Tips Every Kenyan Driver Should Consider This Festive Season

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Driving is cool if you know what to do and what not to do.

Sometimes, we get carried away by things around us, but it’s wrong and punishable to drive too slow. Always pay attention to speed limits.

With the 2018 data set to topple the 2017 data, here are some of the tips to remain a good driver and a competent motorist.

Based on this experience, below are some recommendations to be a more responsible driver:

Avoid distractions

When driving, the driver’s senses should be focused on the route. Although some people believe they have an alleged ability to divide their attention and send messages on the cell phone while driving, the route can be unpredictable.

Respect the speed limits

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We have been in a hurry at some time or we have wanted to arrive at our destination as soon as possible. However, speed limits allow a peaceful and safe coexistence, especially in places with high traffic of people.

Establish self-regulation norms

There are driving prevention strategies that you can apply in your day to improve your performance. One of them, for example, is keeping a prudent distance between cars, use directional lights to communicate intentions in advance, and overtaking safely without doing it in bridges, tunnels, curves, or slopes.

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Be careful with fatigue

Either by day to day or by maintaining a prolonged period of driving, fatigue can be a factor of danger. Some of the symptoms of driving fatigue are constant yawning, memory impairment, obviating traffic signals. If that happens, stop quickly and rest in a safe and proper place.

If you are going to drink, do not drive

Alcohol affects motor skills and the nervous system, which in turn disturbs judgment, responsiveness and the ability to make decisions.

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When you go to enjoy a drink with alcohol, remember to leave the car at home. If the situation is casual, choose to call a replacement driver or designate a ‘chosen driver of the night’.

Give preference to pedestrians and cyclists

In our country, not all cities have cycle paths, it is essential that those at the wheel give way, do not block bicycle parking points, or crosswalks, use directional lights and avoid using the bicycle. horn unnecessarily.


A road culture will be achieved thanks to a joint effort because every driver has the responsibility to be an agent of trust for people who walk on public roads. Both drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to also educate themselves.

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