(Video) Moses Kuria Trolls Uhuru and Raila, asks them to go Home

Gatundu MP, Moses Kuria this weekend directed his Anti-BBI outburst to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In his sentiment, Kenya does not need the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) Report to combat post-election Violence.

“The only way to guarantee that there is going to be peace after every election is if you retire with Raila Odinga,” said Kuria.

Kuria went ahead to term Odinga as the Lord of violence adding that he is the person who causes violence by always refuting election results.

Kuria has had several sentiments alluding that Raila is a witch doctor and has bewitched President Uhuru.

Kuria, who is a DP Ruto allied MP has been propagating anti-BBI campaigns since the launch of the report.

A day after its launch, the Gatundu legislator said the report released was fake, and the proposes Committee of Experts is the one that will write the real report.

Picture of Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria( Left) and President Uhuru Kenyatta(Right)

However, on December 2 Kuria changed his tune after Speaker Justin Muturi dared MPs to call for a vote of no confidence against him.

“Thank you, Mr Speaker Sir, for setting the record straight. Thank you for letting the world know that the people’s representatives are ready and willing to pass the BBI related legislations 100%.

“Now we await President Kenyatta to instruct AG Kihara Kariukito draft the legislative proposals and bring them to Parliament we pass them in record time,” he stated.

Kuria and other DP Ruto allies have since then changed political tack by dropping their rebellion to the report.

Instead, they have embraced a national referendum as a possible option in dealing with certain clauses.

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