Former Machachari Actor’s Alleged Boyfriend Rushes to His Defense Amid Online Bullying

Ian and his friend (Instagram)

Bullies have camped at the comment section of Former Machachari actor Ian Munene popularly known as ‘Almasi’ on Instagram.

The bullies were triggered after Almasi took to Instagram to introduce a hunk named Chiggy as his friend. 

However, a large number of social media users claimed that the two are lovers due to their closeness and rushed to admonish them.

Ian and his friend (Instagram)

However, despite the relentless and unwarranted bullying, Ian is keeping his head up and his friend and alleged lover Chiggy is ensuring that he keeps his head up amidst the bullying.

Taking to Instagram, Chiggy defended his friend by sharing a quote that read, “Your growth will trigger those who are stagnating. Your authenticity will trigger those who wear masks. This is not personal, because it is natural for the polar forces to confront each other. Don’t let anyone’s comfort zone hinder your growth and authenticity.”

He then went on to add, “Ian_nene, b*tches be TRIGGERED.”

Chiggy’s post (Instagram)

Bullying History

Sadly, this is not the first time Almasi has been bullied over his lifestyle. Over the years, he has been bullied over his gender-fluid fashion and his sexuality.

As the bullying raged on, Ian disclosed that the reason people were talking crap about him was that he was breaking the barriers and not conforming to societal rules.

Defending his way of life on his YouTube channel, Almasi said, Anytime you try to rise to the top, there is always going to be people trying to bring you down. If someone is not saying it to your face and using a social media platform to tell you something bad or something rude or negative then don’t pay attention to it. If someone truly means something negative they should have the confidence to say it to your face. If it is something they can’t say to your face, straight up, then you don’t need to care about it…Also, people will try to bring you down when they see you doing something they don’t have the balls to do. When they see you breaking the barriers, or not following the norm, they will always talk crap. Keep on doing you, keep on perfecting you,” Ian urged his followers.

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