Members of Nyumba Kumi Accused of Beating 65-Year-Old Man to Death

Members of Nyumba Kumi in South Imenti, Meru County, have been accused of beating a 65-year-old man to death.

The victim, Samuel Marangu from Maraa village, is said to have died of strangulation and chest injuries after being arrested by the group, led by the area assistant chief, for allegedly selling chang’aa.

“Assistant Chief and his group came and arrested the deceased at his home for questioning. We were waiting for him to return, unfortunately, he didn’t return,” Evelyn Kagwiria, the deceased”s daughter told Daily Nation.

The deceased was found lying dead along the road by a passer-by.

Residents have raised concerns over the way the Nyumba Kumi members conduct their operations in parts of the area.

The groups from Mitunguu and Abogeta East are said to operate with impunity.

The groups are being accused of overstepping their mandate by whipping and beating up suspects.

They are said to have whips made of rubber and conduct patrols at night beating up anyone suspected of breaking the law.

The Initiative was introduced by the government in 2013 to complement the community policing initiative that requires each person to ensure his/her safety and that of their neighbours.

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