She’s an Elephant – Huddah Shouts as Popular Celebrity Flaunts Big Bum

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Huddah Monroe has come under fire over a post where she cruelly body shames Lizzo Beating, an American superstar.

Sharing a picture of Beating’s behind, Huddah wrote, “No body-shaming. I know I post a lot of seminude photos myself but I don’t think we should promote obesity and say that she is confident. Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.”

Huddah’s post (Instagram)

She went on to claim that people are now promoting obesity in the name of body confidence and are referring to Lizzo as thick while in actual fact, she is overweight.

“Why is it ok to shame skinny women, call them skinny, lacking meat, etc. When a fat woman is fat, she can’t be called that coz that will be termed as body shaming? Lol. They swear she is confident in her own skin and call her thick. B*tch is FATTT. In capital letters. A whole elephant. Let us stop lying to these women and promote healthy living,” she wrote.

Huddah’s latest post has been very divisive. Some people have viewed her sentiments as a way of building clout now that she is no longer as relevant as she used to be while others have called her a bully.

However, Huddah had a curt reply for those who may have been offended by her post.

“If you are offended unfollow but I’m bringing all of us skinny and fat women a solution to stay healthy and glowing,” wrote Monroe.

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