Photo Shop Tu! Huddah Monroe Enhances Her Photos To Achieve Hourglass Figure

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Huddah Cosmetics CEO has been trolled for body-shaming American singer, Lizzo forgetting that she is the queen of photoshopping.

If you follow Huddah Monroe on Instagram, it’s full of glam, dining in lavish restaurants, travelling all over the world in private jets, her makeup products and her sense of style. How can we forget her body? and the way she has never shied away from posting for the world.

One of the things that has made her stay relevant to date is her controversial advice and nude pictures. The socialite has always portrayed she has the perfect hourglass figure which has no cellulite, stretch marks or love handles. She has made other women envy her tiny waspy waist and petite figure which flatters any kind of outfit and bikini wear.

Little did we know these pictures she posts are photoshopped and edited. When you pay attention to her pictures, there are some she has slimmed her waist and made her hips appear bigger.







Other Kenyan celebrities that have been accused of photoshopping their photos include; Socialite Vera Sidika, Amber Ray, Bridget Achieng just to mention a few. Photoshopping pictures has become a common trend which needs to stop since it’s influencing the society in a negative way.

Be proud of your belly, cellulite and post it with no apologies. You are beautiful!

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