Twa Twa Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Hooking Up With A F**k Boy

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Ever thought of hooking up with a f*ck boy? Most women avoid hooking up with them because they fear emotional hurt.

Even though such men only care about sexual relations, ladies have been caught up in desperate situations and were forced to have a D*ck appointment with them.

One of the reasons why women would not mind having casual sex with these men is probably because they heard that they are good in bed. The danger, however, is when the lady ends up being emotionally invested and starts getting personal about the relations.

Here are some of the rules every woman should know before you start it off.

1. Do not overstay at his place– The main intention is always for both of you to get sexual satisfaction and anything beyond that is extra. Just because you had a good time in bed does not mean you need to hang out often.

2. Ditch worn out lingeries or torn panties- Even though you might never see him again, make an effort to look sexy. His performance might depend on it.

3. Keep it clean– Keep your V area clean. Anything that will turn him off will definitely ruin your intimate moment.

4. Do not leave your personal items-Avoid leaving your items and in case you do, he might probably trash it.

5. Avoid small talk–  Be straightforward. Unlike dating and other relationships, deep conversations are not necessary and might even make the moment weird for both of you. In fact it is not advisable to keep in touch after you leave his place.

6. Never have high expectations– Avoid getting emotional or taking things personally. This man will never treat you like his girlfriend and is capable of ignoring you in public.

7. Do not perform wifely duties– You are just a random girl he sleeps with and there is probably more. Avoid getting too attached and trying to prove that you are exceptional.

8. Play it safe– Hooking up with a fuck boy means you are at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases considering that he has multiple partners. Always use protection and be safe.

9. Never try too hard to impress him- Do not lose focus, all you want is a good time. But if you want a long-term relationship, then you will not get that from a f*ck boy.





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