Moses Kuria Reveals Why Mt Kenya MPs Met Again After Sagana

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has revealed that a section of leaders from Mt Kenya allied to Deputy President William Ruto held a retreat in Embu to discuss the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report and take stock of where the region is economically and politically.

A statement signed by 57 MPs and shared by Kuria on his Facebook, revealed that they met to discuss the political and economic implications of the report to the region.

The statement revealed the other objective of the meeting was for the MPs to take stock of where the region and people are.

On their deliberations, the MPs disclosed that they will mobilise Mt Kenya residents to read the report.

“We strongly encourage and urge our people and indeed all Kenyans to read the BBI report as the President advised. We shall actively facilitate, mobilize, drive and steer local fora across the region for our people to read, debate and engage on this report” they said.

See Full List of The 57 MPs Below

Additionally, they declared that they shall look at BBI report largely from an economic eye.

“Such a national process must bring meaning to our people. On their milk. On their coffee. On potatoes. On pyrethrum. On their tea. On their rice. On their tomatoes. On their miraa. On their livestock. On their security. Among many others.

Some of the Mt Kenya leaders who met in Embu on Saturday to discuss the BBI report [Photo, Courtesy]
“Our political architecture and the national reform process must have an economic bearing for our people. That is what our people are demanding. That is the pressure of our people. That is what the ground is demanding! And our engagement shall strictly be guided by that. Because we listen to our people”

The MPs further declared that since the BBI report has a policy, legislative and constitutional angles, government agencies should pick up areas of policy and start implementing them.

They stated that many aspects of BBI report require ordinary laws and not constitutional amendment urging the monies to be used on a referendum should be channelled elsewhere.

“Parliament is the sole body constitutionally mandated to pass laws. We commit ourselves to drive legal work in parliament moving forward. Together with other like-minded MPs across Kenya

“Our people are already overburdened. Our national resources should be spared from a national referendum. It should be avoided. We can use the billions for our youth. For our coffee. For our tea”.

The legislators concluded by noting that should the country choose the referendum route, it must be based solely on the issues raised in the current BBI report.

“If at all a referendum is the way to go, it must carry along everyone. We shall refuse a referendum that will leave Kenya more divided. And while on that, and for the avoidance of doubt, we shall refuse another committee of experts”

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