Keep Off My Man! Kenyan Youtuber Exposes Woman Seducing Her Husband

Kenyan lifestyle blogger and media personality Joan Obwaka aka Yummy Mummy exposed a fan after finding her in her husband’s DMs.

Taking to her Insta stories, Joan said she was going through Zach’s chats when she saw a familiar username and decided to go through her chats.

“So there’s this chick who has been a follower of mine for a while. I know this because she’s always in my DM responding to my stories. Always talking about ‘Wow you’re such a role model, I really admire your marriage.” Joan wrote.

Known for being very opinionated, the lifestyle vlogger poured her heart out warning her fans against texting her husband.

Joan Obwaka Photo: Courtesy

Then I recently I was browsing lightly through Zach’s DMs and I see that she’s chatted him up. Of course, I open the chat” she added.

According to Joan, the lady was transparently throwing herself to her husband with numerous messages, something she found annoying.

“I am proud that Zach had done a great job of just shutting it down despite her persistence. I obviously instantly blocked her from both our pages.” Wrote Joan.

Upon revealing how she found out, Joan claimed that most people who cheer you on, always secretly wishing for your downfall.

“ Here is what I am driving at, the devil is alive and well. Not everyone who claims to be in your corner really is. That’s the reality of the world we live in right now.”

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