I Am a Stripper But I Have Been Hiding It From My Girlfriend, Man Confesses

Most of us believe that honesty is important in a relationship but at times, we fear that some truths could ruin or even end the relationship.

What makes us hold back from sharing out truths is the fear of being judged or the reaction from your partner.

No matter how ugly these secrets are, it is always advisable to be truthful so as to strengthen the trust in the relationship.

Women are known to lie about their ages and for men, it is very common for them to lie about their profession especially if they are somehow not proud of what they do.

Another reason why people would lie about their jobs is if it is against societal moral standards.

A city man has reached out to social media users to ask for advice on whether he should open up to his girlfriend about his job as a stripper.

Here is his confession

I am Joe, I have been dating this girl for 3-4 years and I plan on introducing her to my family but I’ve kept my job a secret all this while. I am a stripper and even give happy endings to my client. My job really pays. We are planning to move in together.

Should I tell her what I do for a living and take her with me to one of my parties???

How would you advise him?

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