Nandy’s Ex Speaks After Claims He Secretly Engaged Her

Nandy’s ex-lover BillNas has finally spoken after claims that he secretly engaged the singer.

Speaking to wasafi media, BillNas cleared the air saying that the never even got back together as people speculated.

BillNas explained that ever since they broke up, they both moved on with their lives and it is not easy for them to rekindle their love.

“Hatujarudina. Kurudiana sio jambo rahisa kama kuwa birthday ukiwa na keki alafu unafanya.

“ Sio rahisi kwasababu tulishaachana yeye akaenda kwa maisha mengine na mimi nikawa kwa maisha mengine. Unapokua tayari kwa maisha mengine, vitu hubadilika” he said

Apart from her beauty, BillNas also spoke highly of Nandy describing her as a focused lady.

BillNas also opened about his current relationship saying that his girlfriend never gets bothered by his friendship with Nandy.

He added that he makes sure he is open to his woman and revealed that she even has the password to his phone.

The singer stated that they have established a trustworthy relationship and this is what keeps them going.

His remarks comes days after Nandy showed off a ring in which fans thought she was engaged to BillNas.

Earlier this year, Nandy lost her fiancée Ruge months to their wedding and she has since remained silent about her dating life.

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