The Millions Aukot Splashed on Punguza Mizigo But Still Failed

The Punguza Mizigo Initiative by Third Way Alliance party leader, Ekuru Aukot, has revealed it used over Ksh14 million in its campaigns to popularize the project.

Revealing the amount on Thursday, Aukot noted that the initiative had taken the decision as one way of ensuring they remain loyal to their promise to account for all public donations they received.

Thirdway Alliance of Kenya party leader Ekuru Aukot during a press conference on October 23, 2019, at party headquarters in Lavington, Nairobi

At the same time, Aukot promised that the initiative, which only got the approval of two counties out of the 47, will be back for the second time after engaging and getting more views and recommendations from the public.

“NEC has approved the financial statements for the Punguza Mizigo project. We’ve kept our promise to account for all public donations that we received. We thank all Kenyans who supported the initiative even as we embark on phase two of the project dubbed Punguza Mizigo Kenya,” read the statement.

Travel, accommodations and meals consumed a large portion of the raised money with the bill standing at Ksh3 million. Motor vehicle fueling, signature collection and car hire are among the sectors that also consumed a larger portion of the money.

In October, Aukot announced the launch of a new strategy dubbed ‘Punguza Mizigo Kenya’ (PMK) where a team of experts would collect fresh signatures in yet another bid to amend the Constitution.

Aukot stated that due to public demand, his group had assembled a team of legal and technical experts to work on the Punguza Mizigo phase 2 proposal.

He also revealed that the PMK proposal will have a new outlook based on feedback received from various county assemblies and the public.

Aukot claimed that the Third Way Alliance initiative failed because of the political pressure mounted by the Building Bridges Initiative. He claimed that some MCAs were arm-twisted to stop the bill’s progress.

Aukot’s expenditure plans come at a time when President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga are expected to receive the much-awaited BBI report and make it public.

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