Ezekiel Mutua Should See This! Upcoming Female Rapper Shocks Netizens With Filthy Lyrics

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An upcoming female rapper left Kenyans on Twitter shocked after a video of her spitting dirty lyrics went viral. With the current Gengetone trend, no one has ever released a dirty song as she did.

“Wakati nanyesha nataka kudai chips kwenye ketchup na vile napenda hii mchezo najua saa hii ball haiwezi come. Under the weather itabidi tuchafue sheets…,” read part of her lyrics.

If the Kenya Film Classification Board boss, Dr.Ezekiel Mutua comes across the video, he will definitely call for its ban even before it is produced. This is because some producers are already looking for her for a free recording.

“Hello we are looking for her for free recording #melifla call 0716196410,” said Melifla Entertainment.

This comes after Ethic Entertainment’s most hyped song Tarimbo was banned and pulled down from youtube. Hours after its release Mutua condemned the raunchy song and was happy after Google deleted it even after the Ethic made an apology to the public.

“Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation the channel will be totaling deactivated,” he said.

“We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children”.

Check out KOT reactions below after the video of female rapper went viral.


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